Alief ISD Gifted and Talented Referral Form

Students must provide their student ID number when submitting this application, so have your student ID ready before pressing the submit button. If you do not know anything about your child's student ID card, please contact your child's school office to obtain information about this card. If your student is already receiving gifted and talented services, you do not need to refer them again. Please note that this link sent through the Google Chrome browser is best. If you use other web browsers (browser) to submit your application, you should check to see if you receive an email confirming that we have received your application. Please double check the email address you submit on this form, as that is where your confirmation email will be sent. If you are referring a student in Kindergarten, please select "KN" in the grade level drop-down.

General Information

Alief ISD

Parent/Guardian Permission For Assessment And Participation

Previous GT Screening (Optional)

Parent Observations

Instructions: Read each statement and consider how much it reflects your child. Choose the response that reflects your observations.

  1. Is curious and asks many questions about a variety of subjects
  2. Solves problems in many different ways
  3. Likes to pretend, makes up stories, & has a vivid imagination
  4. Is sensitive to the feelings of others
  5. Has advanced math skills & can see patterns & connections
  6. Has a strong sense of justice & is concerned with the world
  7. Is easily bored
  8. Has many different hobbies/interests
  9. Sticks to a topic or project that interests him
  10. Has a clever sense of humor
  11. Has an amazing memory
  12. Learns quickly
  13. Began talking at an early age
  14. Has a large vocabulary for his age/grade level
  15. Prefers to be with older children or adults
  16. Is a perfectionist & is self-critical; gets frustrated with imperfections in others and himself
  17. Displays leadership qualities
  18. Is very good at art, music, dancing, or sports
  19. Learned to read at an early age & still reads a lot
  20. Is strong willed & likes to have his own way

Please use this space to provide any additional information you would like the placement committee to consider.

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